A cheat sheet for pitching and minimum viable marketing

Writing matters in business, design, and life alike—it is fundamental to moving your ideas forward. However, getting to short, meaningful sentences that grab the attention of your audience can be a painful exercise. Ernest Hemingway knew. When he had difficulties writing, he reminded himself*:


Ernest’s one-sentence technique can be useful whether you are writing copy for UX, advertising, company presentations or pitching ideas face-to-face. …

Why you should be in the toy business

Nevermind high-tech, build a toy instead. That is at least the emergent idea among techies and theorists alike. ‘The Toy Theory’ is looking to explain why the next big thing starts out being dismissed as a crazy, embarrassing toy.

Consider this from Stupid Apps and Changing The World by Y Combinator president Sam Altman:

There are two time-tested strategies to change the world with technology. One is to build something that some people love but most people think is a toy; the other is to be hyperambitious and start an electric car company or a rocket company.

In closing, I…

I stumbled upon this pseudo code on Sol Eun’s About page. It made me think; in these AI times, what if had an algorithm for entrepreneurship?

Det norske oppstartsselskapet Crypho overbeviste juryen under IPACSO Cyber Security & Privacy Innovation Awards i forrige uke og kunne reise hjem med status som Europas mest innovative IT-sikkerhetsselskap.

Via Cryphos blog:

The jury praised Crypho for combining high security and strong cryptographic requirements with the approachability and ease of use that is common in consumer applications; making it end user friendly, protecting all communications validated by law enforcement, government, financial industry, but also human rights groups and journalists around the world.

Mellom 12–16 oktober gjør Telenor Sverige det mulig å sende inn forretningsideer via Twitter eller Instagram under hashtaggen #140pitchen, skriver Breakit.se.

Pricegrunner-gründer Magnus Wiberg, er sammen med advokat og investor Susanna Falkengren, og Tic-gründer Karolina Räntfors investorenglene som vurderer pitchene.

Får vi se et lignende stunt fra Telenor Norge?

Den norske videoprofiltjenesten Wonderloop lanserer webapplikasjon, i følge TechCrunch.

Wonderloop — a startup which allows people to showcase themselves through short 10 to 15 second video profiles (think a sort of “LinkedIn for video”) thus replacing the static bios of traditional social networks — was previously only available via its iOS app. But today it’s launched a Web site which shows all the profiles online.

Schibsted har satt opp en utviklingsavdeling med 45 ansatte i London som en del av av større satsning på teknologi og data, skriver BloombergBusiness i et intervju med administrerende direktør i Schibsted Rolv Erik Ryssdal.

The 176-year-old Norwegian media company, which runs online classified websites in about 29 countries worldwide, is working on developing more personalized products for both consumers and advertisers, Chief Executive Officer Rolv Erik Ryssdal said. As part of that plan, the company has set up a new development hub in London with 45 employees.

Det Oslo-baserte oppstartsselskapet Dsafe kjøpes opp av det svenske betalingskonsernet Bambora, skriver Bambora i en pressemelding.

Oppkjøpet innebærer at Dsafes innovative plattform for analyse av salgstransaksjoner og kundedata, både fra kjøp i fysiske butikker og på nettet, nå integreres i Bamboras globale betalingstjeneste.

Powerpoint-utfordreren Swipe henter frisk kapital fra London-baserte Passion Capital og Playfair Capital parallelt med å lansere for proffmarkedet, skriver TechCrunch.

Swipe startet opp i Oslo i 2013, hvor selskapet blant annet deltok på og vant oppstartskonkurransen Startup Weekend før de flyttet til London. Selskapet offentliggjør ikke størrelsen på den siste investeringsrunden, men daglig leder Horia Cernusca forteller TechCrunch at selskapet har hentet rundt totalt 1 million dollar.


Doctoral research fellow and asst. professor, Digital Innovation, University of Oslo and Iserv Computing. Twitter @tor

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