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A cheat sheet for pitching and minimum viable marketing

Do not worry. You have always…

Why you should be in the toy business

function execute(idea) {

plan = writeAPlan(idea);

product = buildProduct(plan);
while(!satisfies(idea, product)) {
plan = tweakPlan(plan, idea);
product = buildProduct(plan);
return product;

I stumbled upon this pseudo code on Sol Eun’s About page. It made me think, in these AI times, what if we had an algorithm for launching startup ventures. Of course this ‘model’ contradicts experimental and transformative understandings of entrepreneurship such the lean startup and effectuation, yet it would be interesting to see to what extent future algorithms could integrate this in search of sustainable business models.


Doctoral research fellow and asst. professor, Digital Innovation, University of Oslo and Iserv Computing. Twitter @tor

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