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  • Niall O’Gorman

    Niall O’Gorman

    #Impulse #Ecommerce #Innovation in #Enterprise & #Startups

  • iHub


    Nairobi's Innovation Hub.

  • Tove Iggström

    Tove Iggström

    Chief Marketing Officer @ Bannerflow | LinkedIn: | Pinterest: toveiggstrom | Tweets are my own...

  • Roger K. Beaty

    Roger K. Beaty

    Content Strategist. Digital Curator. Optimist — I search for the Future of Longevity, Health & Tech.

  • Brian Sowards

    Brian Sowards

    Proven #edtech executive. Co-created #crowdfunding in #higherEd industry. Formerly #CEO + #Founder of

  • Dave Fisher

    Dave Fisher

    Innovation consultant, like for intelligent laziness, unrelated to being a husband and servant to my two boys... Opinions are my own

  • Antonios Fiorakis

    Antonios Fiorakis

    Tech entrepreneur, Fortune 40 under 40

  • Patricia Almeida

    Patricia Almeida

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