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  • Md. Mubasir

    Md. Mubasir

    Currently, I am pursuing my B-tech degree in Computer Science. I have a huge interest in Competitive Coding and ML/AI

  • TankerTrackers.com🛢


    A pro-bono initiative perfecting the daily count of #oil barrels in export, floating storages & spots of interest. #BigData #EIAReport #OPEC #OOTT

  • Jake Strom

    Jake Strom

    Professionally Curious Investor. Founding Member @TOMS. Travel + Epic Adventures + Lifelong Learner

  • Billy Bosworth

    Billy Bosworth

    CEO of Dremio

  • Brian Weisberg: Strategy and Marketing Quant

    Brian Weisberg: Strategy and Marketing Quant

    Mad Men set in 2020 would have much more Python and funnel-related jargon.

  • Tim Lysecki

    Tim Lysecki

    Growth Manager at ThinkData Works | we’re helping people use better data & use data better.

  • Lex Fridman

    Lex Fridman

    Research scientist at MIT working on human-centered AI and deep learning approaches to shared autonomy in self-driving cars. https://deeplearning.mit.edu

  • Abishur Prakash

    Abishur Prakash

    Defining how technology is remaking geopolitics. Co-founder and geopolitical futurist at Center for Innovating the Future (CIF). Author of four books.

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